Our Competitive Advantage

For over 25 years, Innercorp has been a strategic consultant to the highest levels of both  small and medium business and corporate institutions nationwide.  We have helped them to better understand that our sociological and economic structure is being re-written [and] the corporate world is dramatically realigning it's strategies to become more productive, efficient, and cost effective.

As business consultants, our goal is to produce the greatest positive results within the shortest period of time.  Contact us for a FREE Business Analysis today.

Innercorp's diverse client base enables us to provide unique insights allowing us to develop solutions to both simple and complex problems as well as seeing new  opportunities. We have had the privilege of working with:  Focus Lighting, FaithStreamsMedia, Surepont Lending, Dreamline Wireless, Verizon, Pomeroy IT, Sprint, Gorrells, State of Kentucky, Winstar Communications, AK Steel, Bluegrass Cellular, Great Expectation, HH Gregg, Lightyear Communicaitons, Payless Shoes, Sun TV and Ayres Family Orchards to name a few.

Give us a ring at 502.682.8475 with any question that you may have.  Contact us for a FREE Business Analysis today!

Our Focus